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Lake George CSD celebrated “All things French” during National French Week

Lake George Central School District celebrated “All things French” during National French Week November 1-7, 2018. The week opened with the French Honor Society Induction. The FHS president Gabrielle Weidner as well as guest speaker from Schroon Lake CSD, Madame Natalie Royer-Loiselle, welcomed new members Elisabeth Caron, Joshua Defayette, Rachel Hunsicker, Mara Knoop, Paul Lindsay, Morgan MacDermid, Jenna Mathews, Colby Seguljic, Reya Singh, Even Weihing, and Juliana Yepes-Hoyos.

In the course of French Week students and staff tested their knowledge of French culture through a school-wide trivia quiz. Mrs Elder’s guide-room won a delightful French breakfast. All upper French classes took the AAFT online francophone culture quiz to compete against other French students across the U.S. Our highest scoring student is 10th grader Sean Butkowski. He may compete in a final national round.

Lake George students of all grade levels enjoyed special activities for French Week. Grade 7 had Cheese Day with Madame Frost. They expressed their pride by dressing up in red, white, and blue, and special t-shirts they made. Both 7th and 8th grade participated in a French Spelling Bee. Kindergarteners were introduced to French language and culture in a workshop “J’adore le français” on November 8th while seniors French students decorated “tasses de chocolat” with French designs and words.

The French celebration continued with our traditional Chocolate Mousse contest once again very popular for students 5-12. This year winners are Mattie Williams and Angela Romano for best tasting and Samantha Gorey and Sarah Kassal for best looking mousses.  One of the highlight of the week was the authentic French menu prepared by Chef DeStefanis: Chicken Cordon Bleu 3 with 3 cheese Potato Gratin. This was a delicious way to close French Week. Thanks to all who participated.

French Week activities are in alignment with LGCSD mission and values, and district goals 3, 4, and 5 to cultivate engaging learning environments, students leadership, community partners, cultural competences, and diversity.

two boys eating croissants and cheese

Ajani  Wimbley and Nicholas Wagemann enjoyed Cheese Day. 


five girls holding gift bags

Samantha Gorey, Anna Richichi, Molly Martelotta, Jamana Awan, and Sarah Kassal participated in the French Spelling Bee. 


boy with red shirt

Seventh grader Hammad Awan on French Pride Day.