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Eyes on the World Festival Showcased Students’ Cultural Connections

The Inaugural Eyes on the World Festival featured art, music, dance, food, and interactive presentations about cultures all over the world.

The Festival was a culminating activity conceived and implemented by the High School’s Diversity Committee. It tied in the district’s goals of student leadership, engagement, and diversity. The purpose of the event was to increase people’s ability to understand and interact with people across cultures and develop positive attitudes toward cultural differences.

One of the Diversity Committee’s members, Rachel Hunsicker, a senior at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School said: “My personal goal was to increase empathy and understanding of people’s passions and priorities. I was really excited to see students’ reactions to trying food and seeing all the work that has been submitted and performed. I hope they were excited to develop new interests and passions.”

Individual students, clubs, and classes shared their connections to various places and cultures in three spaces – the library, cafeteria, and auditorium.  


Gallery in the Library – how art represents culture

  • 7th grade Heritage project
  • 12th grade research projects on sustainable development goals of the United Nations
  • Artwork by students in grades 7 and 8
  • 3D tokens that were designed and produced by students in grades 7 and 8 for kindergarteners to help them learn about different countries and cultures
  • Spectrum Club presentation on drag culture
  • Hands-on beading project with the Hands and Feet of Hope organization
  • Model OAS presentation on trade routes in South America


Refreshments in the Cafeteria – how food represents culture

  • Ethnic foods prepared by students in grades 7 and 8
  • Perogies from the Hunsicker family recipe


Performances in the Auditorium – how art, music, dance, and literature represent culture

  • Jamaican musical experience involving drumming, singing and dancing
  • Poetry readings by members of Spectrum Club


"I could not have been more excited and impressed about the Eyes on the World Festival," said Superintendent Rutnik. "Student engagement and leadership was in full force. The staff who supported the students, the club advisors who stood by the students to allow their personal voices to be heard, the pride in the faces of parents... Priceless. Thank you to everyone who supported this unique and meaningful event."

Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School Principal Francis Cocozza agreed, "Thank you to all for making this event very special and meaningful."