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District Explores Avenues for Maximizing Student Enrollment


In an effort to support the LGCSD District Goals, Superintendent Rutnik conducted a presentation in March 2018 that included data points such as a 10-year enrollment report, enrollment trends, and how they correlate to fiscal sustainability. Her presentation prompted more questions, so the Board president asked Superintendent Rutnik to contact an independent education consultant about conducting a comprehensive review of the district.

Superintendent Rutnik met with CASDA in the late summer 2018 to develop a process for gathering information from district stakeholders and community members. The plan was shared with to the Board of Education in September, and the Board approved CASDA’s contract at the November BOE meeting.

During the month of December, CASDA will gather data pertaining to enrollment, scheduling, sectioning, class sizes, staffing, programming, and other unique opportunities we offer students that make LGCSD a great place in which to learn and work. The primary purpose of CASDA’s work will be to provide us with recommendations that can ultimately help us maintain the rich opportunities we offer for our students in a time of declining enrollment. The data capture will also include data points from 10-12 comparable districts from across NYS.

To ensure transparency and collaboration throughout this review, CASDA designated 12 face-to-face meetings with stakeholders in the district including building principals, district office staff, students, k-12 faculty/staff and community members. An online survey will also be sent to these groups to gain additional input.

Lake George CSD has a rich tradition of excellence and providing personal learning opportunities for our students. Our students have high graduation rates, strong test scores, and a supportive learning environment in which they are known by name. Our goal is to find a path that maintains this strong, supportive environment for students for years to come.

It is the goal of the Board of Education and superintendent to conduct this review in a transparent and accessible manner. CASDA will report the results in March.

To learn more about CASDA, click here.

Please contact Superintendent Rutnik with any questions.