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The Capital Project Passed

Superintendent Rutnik is pleased to announce that the LGCSD Capital Project passed with an 81% approval rate (194 yes votes and 46 no votes).

"On behalf of the Board of Education, the Leadership Team, faculty, staff, and most importantly our students, I want to thank the district residents for their continued support," said Mrs. Rutnik. "Their partnership allows us to continue to prioritize the district’s mission, vision, values and goals which serve to support our students now and into the future. The pride this community feels for its schools is immense, and we are extremely grateful for the support evidenced today when the final votes were counted."

"I also want to thank the community for taking part in the collaborative process to develop the capital improvement project," she continued. "By working together and engaging in long-term planning, we will ensure the sustainability of the district’s buildings and grounds while maintaining a tax levy that is stable and predictable for residents."