• Lake George Elementary Virtual Plan 

    We believe that nothing compares to the benefit of students receiving in-person instruction. However, we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19 that prevent your child from attending in-person instruction.  In these instances, LGES is committed to providing a combination of synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction with access to the curriculum with support. It is important to note that our plans are subject to change based on many factors including, Department of Education guidelines,  the number of LGES students in need of virtual learning, etc.

    If there is a need for virtual learning, families should be prepared to fully support their child’s active participation in all online learning to help them meet the same standards covered by in person learners. 

    • Students will be provided with a school device to utilize for educational purposes only.
    • Students will need to have internet access at home.  
    • Students must attend all live Meets as scheduled.
    • Students will be required to complete the assignments, assessments, etc as assigned by the classroom teacher.  
    • Parent support in real time is needed for younger students to be successful in this model.
    • In addition to the live meets, a staff member will be available to check-in with the student daily as needed. This may be done via live meets or other communication.   
    • Daily attendance, student engagement, and academic progress will be noted and recorded.  The instructional staff member for virtual learners may change from day to day but will likely work at the child’s grade level.  
    • Students will remain in the virtual classroom, minimally for the remainder of the trimester.
    • Students and parents will acknowledge understanding of and agreement with the guidelines and expectations of virtual learning.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    • Students will be given a copy of their grade level in-person schedule.  Students can follow the schedule at home and complete tasks during those times to help manage time and structure their day.  An in-person school day at LGES begins at 7:45 when students walk into their classrooms and ends at 2:15 as students make their way to school buses.  After school, our teachers continue to work with students and participate in meetings until 3:10. This time may be utilized for check in opportunities for our virtual students as needed. Here is a sample draft schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. It is subject to change but should give you an idea of what a school day looks like for students. 
    • Virtual learning will not follow a modified curriculum.  Students will be expected to learn the same material that students in person are learning.  The standards are not being condensed as students would fall behind their peers attending in person.
    • Instruction/assignments will be provided in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies for each grade level. Students will also have access to weekly specials lessons for subjects that they would normally attend if in person (PE, Art, Music, HP, Library, Foreign Language, etc. depending on grade level).   
    • Students may be required to attend live synchronous instructional activities or lessons that can not be replicated in an asynchronous setting.  (i.e. group work, direct lessons, etc.)  This may occur on an as needed basis or on a daily basis as scheduled by the teacher(s).   
    • Students needing additional assistance with content/lessons may reach out to their classroom teacher.  The classroom teacher may suggest additional resources, arrange synchronous instruction, or schedule extra support.
    • Virtual Student work will be assessed in the same manner for in person students. 
    • Students will be accountable for attendance, assignments, virtual meetings, online discussions, and participation in live instruction as assigned. 
    • Students requiring academic support from reading or math intervention teachers will be required to attend live meets as scheduled and complete all assignments.

    Students with Disabilities

    • Students will work with their grade level CSE case manager as the point of contact and service provider in lieu of a remote mentor.
    • Students with disabilities will be provided access to their services,  accommodations, modifications, supplementary aids and services, and technology (including assistive technology) listed on the student's individualized education program to the best extent possible.  
    • Programs and Services, such as special class, resource room and consultant teaching, will be provided through synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  
    • Teletherapy will be provided for all related services.  A schedule will be provided to ensure compliance and consistency. In addition to teletherapy offered in remote settings, google classroom with resources, lessons, supports, materials in addition to paper copy will be offered to ensure continuity of learning and access to the relevant curriculum for each student.
    • Our district may not be able to provide all services in the same manner in a remote situation that they are typically provided in person (in terms of group vs. individual sessions; specific group size; frequency, duration, location, special class size ratio…) but will prioritize to “match” as closely as possible with collaboration with parents. If providers or teachers cannot deliver the full session or have other issues impacting the delivery or effectiveness of the service, the district will document what was provided, and what was not (and why) so that when school resumes in person, the CSE can review and determine whether, and to what extent, compensatory services may be needed.


    Procedure for Virtual Option:  

    On or about August 17, 2020

    • Complete the Virtual Option form
    • Parents and student sign the contract acknowledging guidelines and procedures outlined in this document
    • Please send a written/electronic correspondence to building principal

    James Conway, Principal

    Lake George Elementary School

    69 Sun Valley Drive

    Lake George,  NY  12845


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