• Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) During the Extended School Closure

    As our daily occupations and routines have become more unpredictable and change daily, the occupational and physical therapy team at LGCSD will remain a resource to help our children maintain their developed skills and continue to progress in their goals. 

    We are in this together!

    It is very important to keep daily routines. Keeping daily routines consistent will help children feel organized, calm and build Executive Function skills by working on organization, time management, and setting goals. Here are a few suggestions to help children adjust to their time away from school:

      • Keep their regular bedtime and daily routines
      • Sit down for lunch at the same time as they do at school
      • Create a visual schedule with pictures for younger students or write it out for older students so they know the plan for the day. 
      • Make sure to schedule breaks and playtime:  Scheduled breaks allow children to move their bodies and decompress. Getting outside is the most favorable way to get movement, fresh air, and change of scenery. However, if weather or location does not allow for outdoor activities, try being creative with an indoor obstacle course, scavenger hunt, dance party, building a fort or using movement videos such as GoNoodle.com or cosmickids.com.

    Please check out recommended activities during extended school closure. We are available by e-mail and can schedule a telephone consultation at your request. 

    Kristin Starling-Doty, PT, DPT


    Yvonne Powers MS OTR/L