Special Education/Section 504

    Dear Parents and Guardians: 

    The District Office on Special Education/504 Services exists to ensure your understanding of the process of identifying and providing special education/504 services to qualified students.

    The education of your child, through access to appropriate programs and services, is our highest priority. You are encouraged to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding the individual needs of your child.  


    We are available to assist in any way necessary. 

    Jamie Bearor, CSE Chairperson K-12, CPSE Chairperson, 504 Coordinator K-12

    Billijo Meader – Administrative Assistant


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Jamie Bearor
  • Jamie Bearor

    CSE Chairperson K-12, 
    CPSE Chairperson,
    504 Coordinator K-12

    518-668-5452 ext. 1100