• LG Tennis Team's 11th Annual Friends & Family Tournament

    Rescheduled for Sunday, May 26 11 a.m. 'til ?

    Rain date: Monday, May 27th same time

    Please email Mrs. Buck: buckn@lkgeorge.org if you would like to join in on the fun!

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Lake George High School Alumni Association

  • Lake George High School Alumni Association

    President: Mike Dier, Class of 1983

    The Annual Meeting of the Lake George High School Alumni Association, Inc. was held on March 1, 2019 at the Holiday Inn in Lake George. Eleven members of the Association were elected to serve as Directors until the next annual meeting. The Directors and their offices are as follows:

    1. Mike Dier, Class of 1983, Director and President of the Board
    2. Sally Hawley, Class of 1980, Director and Vice President of the Board
    3. Glen Bruening, Class of 1980, Director and Secretary of the Board
    4. Tony Chiaravalle, Class of 1982, Director and Treasurer of the Board
    5. Gloria Gilman, Class of 1952, Director and Fundraising Chair
    6. Jean Gillman, Class of 2018, Director
    7. Lexi Parker, Class of 2015, Director
    8. Chaskin Saroff, Class of 2011, Director
    9. Tom Roach, Class of 1959, Director and Past President 
    10. Jerry Eichen, Class of 1958, Director and Past Vice President
    11. Pam Morin, Class of 1965, Director and Past Secretary/Treasurer & Historian

    Immediate Past President Tom Roach was recognized for his unwavering commitment to the organization, and dedication to, and spirit for, the well being of the Association.  We are pleased that Tom, Pam, Jerry, and Gloria remain on the board, and welcome new members Mike, Sally, Glen, Tony, Jean, Lexi, and Chaskin.

    The Association recognizes the many alumni and friends who have given generously for scholarships, student activities, and other school improvement projects over many years.  One of the Association’s most popular and successful events has been the Rachel Ray (Class of 1986) Show Benefit at the High School.  The Association is working to bring that event back, and other new initiatives to support both Elementary and High School students and programs.

    The Lake George High School Alumni Association fosters, promotes and encourages social activities, good fellowship and friendship among its members. We encourage the participation and involvement of the alumni in programs and activities of the high school and generally promote and preserve the integrity and viability of Lake George High School as an institution of learning for future generations.