Lake George Warriors Booster Club

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    Lake George Warriors Booster Club, Inc

    The purpose of our Club is to support and service the Lake George Interscholastic Athletic programs. The Club will support our entire collection of both the boys and girls LG interscholastic athletic teams. To learn more please open the letter and membership form below, print and send in to the address provided. Thanks in advance for your help.

    The following is what we spend our money on:

    1. Fully Fund Sr. Athletic Banquet and Senior Plaques.
    2. Purchased 5 new scoreboards for the baseball, softball, boys soccer & girls soccer teams. One for the Football Field.
    3. Purchased a NEW sound system for the High School Gymnasium.
    4. Purchase Senior game flowers for athletes and parents.
    5. Fund athletes meals for state team travel.
    6. Award a scholarship to one deserving senior-who is pursuing a college education in an athletic related field such as PT, OT, P.E. Teacher, medical field, EMT, or coach.
    7. Purchase Senior Athlete Banners celebrating each senior and their sports they play throughout their HS experience. __________________________________________________________________

    We are a 5013-C not for profit organization. Your company or personal donation is tax deductible


    We will be conducting a fall and spring apparel fundraiser for 2021-2022 school year. Reach out to to get the link.


    We are looking for new people to get involved and lead our club. If you are interested please reach out to us and we can inform you of how you can help.... or 518-312-7850.

    Thanks so much!


    Please contact Kim Zilm 518-312-7850 or Shelley Clarke 518-361-8901 to get more information.





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