SchoolTool Portal

  • The Lake George Central School District is pleased to provide students and their parents and guardians with access to student information records via the SchoolTool Parent Portal. 

    Parents and guardians can access data for their children from grades K-12.

    Students can access their information in grades 7-12. 

    Click here to login to the SchoolTool Portal

    USERNAME:  Your username is the email you provided on the Registration Form.  For students this is their email.

    PASSWORD: A password was emailed to the same address when you were registered       

    Click here for lost or forgotten passwords.

    Click here to change your password.

    What is SchoolTool?  
    SchoolTool is the District's student information system.  It contains student demographic information, student schedules, attendance records, state assessment results, and student grades. 
    What is the Portal? 
    The Portal is a part of SchoolTool that gives registered users access to specific information about their child(ren).  Currently, registered parents and guardians can view: 
    • Contact information
    • Attendance Records
    • Student Schedules
    • NYS Assessment results 
    • Marking Period Averages (posted at the same time report cards are released)
    Do I need any special software to use the Portal? 
    No.  Since SchoolTool is web-based, the Parent Portal can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.  
    Do parents and guardians need separate accounts for each child?
    No.  You will be able to access information about all of your children who attend Lake George CSD through one single account.  
    I have children at the Elementary School.  Can parents and guardians use the Portal to access information about them?  
    Currently, parents and guardians can access information for students in grades K-12.  Students can access their own informaiton in grades 7-12.
    How can I register? 
    To sign up for Parent Portal access bring the completed registration form with your driver's license/phot id to Natalie Fullen, Registrar, at the elementary school.  This form must be returned in person, it can not be mailed in.
    Click here for the parents and guardian registration form.
    How do I use the Portal?
    Click here for a Portal Quick Start Guide from SchoolTool.

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