Lake George PTSO welcomes you

    to the 2020-2021 school year!



    The Lake George Central School District PTSO is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community. This is accomplished through creating strong connections among these facets of our children’s lives.
    One of the PTSO’s goals is to encourage communication between home, school, and community.  We hold PTSO Meetings every other month to provide an opportunity for parents to learn more about academic programs and school-related events going on in both the district and our Lake George community at large.  You will also hear firsthand from the principals and the superintendent about what's happening at an elementary, high school, and district level. We'll save time for parents to get their questions answered too, so don't miss it! The agenda will come home in student backpacks prior to the meetings and all meetings are held at the Elementary School in the Little Theater.  The PTSO supplies pizza and the high school Future Business Leaders of America provides complimentary child care to play games with children in the cafeteria so that parents may attend our one-hour meeting. In the event you cannot attend a meeting, meeting minutes are posted on the Lake George PTSO website and a representative will be in the cafeteria at drop-off the following morning to give a brief overview of the meeting and to answer any questions.
    Being a part of the PTSO is a great way to meet Lake George teachers and staff as well as fellow Lake George parents with similar interests. There are many ways that you can participate.  Several amazing events are held throughout the year and we look for parent volunteers to help make these a success.  Regardless of whether you like to work individually or with a group, if you like to work on a project during the school day or after hours, or if you like short-term projects or long-term, we welcome every level of involvement!
    To get involved: Please look for sign-up sheets at Open House at the beginning of the school year, on our bulletin board by the Elementary School cafeteria throughout the year, and at bi-monthly PTSO meetings. If you want to participate but cannot sign up at these events, contact one of our PTSO officers by email at ptsolgwarrior@gmail.com.
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    We can be reached at the LGSCD PTSO email: ptsolgwarrior@gmail.com.