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    Our school is using ParentSquare!

    Dear Parents & Guardians,

    We are excited to let you know that this year we’ll be using ParentSquare to communicate with you at the school and in your classrooms. ParentSquare provides a simple and safe way for everyone at school to connect.

    ParentSquare will replace SchoolMessenger as the district’s mass notification tool AND Remind as the messaging app used by some teachers and coaches to communicate with students and families. You will be able to receive district, school, and classroom communication via email, text, or app.

    For more information, you can watch the ParentSquare Overview for Parents Video


    Please note we will initially be using the mass/emergency notification feature of ParentSquare and teachers may choose to utilize it as their communication tool, instead of Remind.

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    You can use ParentSquare on any device. You can download the free mobile app for iOS or Android (search ParentSquare in the App Store) or use the desktop version at www.parentsquare.com.

    Our goal is for every family to join ParentSquare and engage with our school community. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

    Thank you so much!

    Families FAQ

    I didn’t receive an email or text invite.

    Email and text invitations will be sent to the email addresses and cell phone numbers of parents and guardians that we have on file in our student management system, Schooltool. If you do not receive a ParentSquare invite, it is possible we have the wrong contact information on file. Please contact Natalie Fullen, District Registrar, at (518) 668-5714 ext. 1211 to verify or correct the contact information we have on file.

    Why doesn't my ParentSquare invite link work?

    The invitation links only last for 24 hours. You can proceed to the ParentSquare login page (https://www.parentsquare.com/signin) and create your account with the same email address at which you would have received an invite, or contact Natalie Fullen, District Registrar, at (518) 668-5714 ext. 1211.

    I can’t sign into ParentSquare. What is the first step?

    If you can't sign into ParentSquare with your email or phone number, please contact Natalie Fullen, District Registrar, at (518) 668-5714 ext. 1211 to make sure your contact information is correct in Schooltool.

    Will all teachers be using ParentSquare for home-to-school communication this year?

    ParentSquare will be the main source of communication with families. However, this method of communication might not be utilized by all classrooms right away. This is a new platform, so please be patient.

    Will ParentSquare be used for classroom assignments?

    No. Google Classroom will continue to be the main source for classroom assignments. However, teachers can utilize the platform to remind families and students on due dates if they choose.

    Is ParentSquare for students as well?

    Yes. There is a platform called StudentSquare that is specifically designed for students. The platform is the same as what the parents see, just named differently for students.

    Can I change how many notifications I receive from ParentSquare?

    Yes, you can customize your notification settings.

    1. Go to your homepage and click on your name in the top right corner

    2. Select "My Account" from the drop down menu.

    3. Choose “notification Settings” from the menu on the left.

      Here you can set your preferences for email, text, and app notifications to Off, Digest (condensed messages sent once daily), or Immediate.

    Do I have to create a ParentSquare account?

    No, however, as a registered user you will have access to more information and tools. To opt-out of:

    • ●  Emails: Click the Unsubscribe link in any email you receive

    • ●  Text Messages: Click the Opt-Out link in the first text message you receive from ParentSquare. You can

      also reply STOP to any subsequent text you receive.

    • ●  Phone Calls: Contact Natalie Fullen, District Registrar, at (518) 668-5714 ext. 1211

      Are there training resources available?

      Yes, you can access ParentSquare training resources at https://parentsquare.talentlms.com/index.

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