LGCSD Decision Making with Regards to COVID

  • Safety continues to remain Lake George Central School District’s highest priority throughout the pandemic and beyond. We are pleased to share that the efforts we are making within the school system seem to be working. According to Warren County Health Services: “There has been no indication of in-class COVID transmission at Warren County schools this school year.”  

    During the height of the pandemic in January 2021, the district developed a Decision Making Matrix to guide decisions regarding remaining in-person or pivoting to remote learning and instruction. This system was meant to provide families with proactive, predictable, and transparent information so they could plan for work and child care. The Decision Making Matrix was based on our Level of Community Transmission and Level of School Impact.

    While the intentions of the Decision Making Matrix were good, as the pandemic has evolved, we have found that it raised more questions than provided answers. As a result, we have removed the Matrix from this webpage because it is no longer applicable. Please see our decision making process below: 

    Lake George CSD’s goal is to safely continue in-person instruction for all students. However, there may come a time when despite our best efforts and intentions, contingency plans must be enacted in response to variables that are outside of our control. These variables could include: 

    • Direction from the Warren County Department of Health that indicates in-school COVID transmission* 
    • Positive cases and quarantines in areas that are critical to the operation of the school and/or district

    The district will give parents and family members as much notice as we possibly can if/when contingency plans need to be implemented (such as hybrid, remote, or virtual instruction). However, as we know from experience, many COVID-related situations are hard to predict. For example, if there aren’t enough staff members to transport children to school, the instructional delivery has the potential to change. Or, if one grade level has a large number of students impacted while the rest of the grades are not, efforts would be made to instruct the impacted grade level in alternate ways while keeping the rest of the students in-person. These variables and scenarios are seemingly endless. 

    We can assure you that we will communicate with you as soon as possible if contingency plans need to be implemented. Also, please know that before any decision is made to implement contingency plans, the district will consult with the local health department and district physician, explore all options, and exhaust all avenues to ensure the district can safely maintain in-person learning. 

    *There has been no indication of in-class COVID transmission at Warren County schools this school year, according to Health Services 9/24/2021



    COVID Positive Individuals


    Individuals In Quarantine





    Jr/Sr HS










    • Total LGCSD new positive cases for 6/15/22: 0 (LGHS), 0 (LGES), 0 (District)
    • Total LGCSD recoveries for 6/15/22: 0 (LGHS), 0 (LGES), 0 (District)