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  • Dear Parents and Student Athletes,

    Welcome to our education-based athletic program at Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School.  Participating in athletics will provide you with positive rewards that will benefit you throughout your Jr.-Sr. High School career and continue to assist you for the remainder of your life.

    Our goal as an athletic staff is to provide a program that will be instructional in nature and achieve a balance of both individual and team goals.  We pride ourselves on providing quality instruction in the technical elements of the individual sports, while never losing sight of the ultimate goal of developing our student athletes into physically and emotionally healthy adults.

    We believe that the benefits of participating in athletics goes far beyond the field, court or track.  Participating in athletics helps our student athletes to develop socially and emotionally through hard work, commitment, and dedication to both personal and team goals. We take a Double-Goal® approach, our coaches prepare athletes to win and teach life lessons through sports. Our athletes aspire to be Triple-Impact Competitors™  who make themselves, their teammates, and the game better. We ask our parents to become a Second-Goal Parent ™ who concentrates on the child’s character development while letting athletes and coaches focus on the first goal of winning on the scoreboard.  

    Responsibility comes with the privilege of being a member of our athletic teams.  We expect our athletes to conduct themselves in a manner that is indicative of a highly responsible adolescent.  Our athletes are expected to follow our “Code of Conduct” and failure to do so will result in disciplinary measure.  This handbook is designed to help define our student and parent responsibilities as they pertain to the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for participation in our education-based athletic program at Lake George.

    The responsibility of continuing our long and rich history of integrity and pride within our program is a shared one.  Students, parents, coaches, educators, administrators and community members are all stakeholders and must work together to support the positive image of the Lake George Athletic program and those athletes and families that came before us to build this foundation.

    Please do not hesitate to call me at 518-668-5452, ext. 1221, with any questions or issues you may have regarding our program and the policies surrounding it.  I wish you all a positive experience as you embark on your journey as a student athlete here at Lake George.


    Kyle Manny

    Athletic Director

    37 Sports...1 Team

    Developing Better Athletes...Better People!

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Kyle Manny
  • Kyle Manny

    Director of Athletics

    518-668-5452 ext. 1221

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