• Welcome to Forum

    Forum is a shared decision-making group comprised of students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators. The group focuses on many aspects of the school, helping the district develop school policies, promote a positive climate, and provide guidance on important topics affecting the school.

    If you would like more information on Forum or if you would like to contact a Forum representative about an important topic, please email a member listed below or have your child speak to one of the student representatives.
    TBD, At-Large Student Representative
    TBD, Student Council Student Representative
    TBD, Student Council Representative

    Suzanna Bernd, Parent Representative 

    Nora Buck, Math Teacher

    Francis Cocozza, Principal   

    Maryann Gipson, Administrative Assistant
    Susan Frost, Foreign Language Teacher 
    Jan Loonan, Community Member
    Steve Preuss, Guidance Counselor
    Catherine Reid, Music Teacher
    Carmen Ross-Roberts, Science Teacher
    Lindy Sicard, Administrative Assistant
    Lauren Varney, Parent Representative
    Roger Wells, Science Teacher