Board Goals

  • Lake George Central School Board of Education Goals for 2020-2021
    • Overarching Priority

      The Lake George Board of Education priority, as we navigate through this school year during a global pandemic, is to operate as an effective governing body to meet the needs of the whole child and the adults in service to them.

      Goal 1

      We commit to supporting flexible district resource allocation, overseeing the implementation of sound and relevant policies, and monitoring the impact of strategies used to meet identified needs through ongoing board development, committee work, and attention to regularly scheduled reports at monthly BOE meetings including:

      Administrative Updates - monthly

      Board Committees - monthly

      SPARC - October

      Student Services - November

      Board Retreats - Fall and Winter

      Board Self Evaluation - Early Spring

      Goal 2

      In the wake of the pandemic and in the context of declining enrollment, we support the creation of a three year plan that is responsive to next generation educational needs and is fiscally balanced.

      The administrative plan will include, but is not limited to, a synthesis of :

      Identification of staffing needs

      Audit of administrative costs (e.g.contracts, subscriptions, memberships)

      Facility management opportunities (e.g energy conservation, community partnerships)

      Goal 3

      We will foster unity of the Lake George school community by promoting our Mission, Vision and Values, supporting a district wide communication plan, approving and implementing our shared decision making plan, communicating solidarity of purpose, and developing a culture and climate committee.