Board of Education

  • Thank you for your interest in the Lake George Central School District. We always ask that you speak to the appropriate district level and/or building level staff member prior to contacting the Board of Education. You may also share comments and ideas with the Board of Education members:

    • By personal contact, conversation, or correspondence
    • By public comment at a Board meeting, which is generally held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the junior-senior high school library. 

    To contact the Board of Education, please email us by clicking here.

    Board Officers
    Sarah Barton - District Clerk
    Rene Palmer - District Treasurer

Board Committees

  • Lake George CSD Board of Education members serve as representatives on committees to strengthen the governance of the district and enhance communication with all stakeholder groups.

    The Board of Education also includes an Audit Committee and Policy Committee to meet its legal and fiduciary obligations.

    Audit & Finance Committee
    Chair: Mario Fasulo
    Katie Bruening
    Rosemarie Earl

    Board Development Committee
    Chair: Katie Bruening
    Tricia Biles
    Maryanne MacKenzie
    Buildings & Grounds Committee
    Chair: Jeannine Bieber
    Mario Fasulo
    Donna Prime
    Culture and Climate Committee
    Chair: Tricia Biles
    Rosemarie Earl
    Donna Prime
    Curriculum & Instruction Committee
    Chair: Rosemarie Earl
    Maryanne McKenzie
    Donna Prime
    Policy Committee
    Chair: Maryanne MacKenzie
    Katie Bruening
    Jeannine Bieber