French Club/French Honor Society

  • French Club/ French Honor Society is open to all French students grades 7-12 who wish to explore hands-on aspects of French culture. The club meets on the third Thursday of the month during 10th period in Room 104. Refreshments are provided. Members of French Honor Society usually coordinate activities, with input from club members. Past meetings have included: karaoke, making French holiday cards, creating French artwork, French board games (Scrabble, Monopoly), Mardi Gras celebration, petanque (French bocce ball), decorating Yule log cakes,the ever popular annual school-wide scavenger hunt in March, and the new Tour de France on scooters race! There is a crepe celebration in May for those who have attended enough meetings. Come and have fun a la francaise! See Mrs. Hendley for more info.

    Contact Information


    Mrs. Hendley



    (518) 668-5452 (extension: 1104)

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    Requirements: French Club: Grades 7-12 welcome. Must be enrolled in a French class.


    Schedule: Meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month after school during 10th period in room 104.

    Check out some neat French Slang!