• 3/9/2023

    In our second student advisory meeting on March 9, we focused on understanding NYSED’s regulation and the history of their memos dating back to 2001. The students wanted to see the actual memos which we went over in great detail. The next session will be on April 5th and the essential question for this session will be: How do Native Americans feel about being portrayed as mascots for schools, teams, or organizations? 



    On Monday, February 6th, the Jr.-Sr. High School held their first of several planned meetings with the student advisory group to further discuss and seek input on New York State’s mandate to end the use of Native American Imagery in public schools. Students from 7th-12th grade attended the first session on Monday, which was excellent to see! The goals and charge of the student advisory group were developed and are summarized below:

    • Develop a thorough understanding of Lake George School History

      • History of the Logo, Mascot, and Nickname

    • Gain a deeper understanding of the local history pertaining to Native American Culture and Lake George's Local and School History

    • Help define and make suggestions on the three areas (logo, mascot, nickname)

    • Be a liaison and ambassador between the school district and the student body

    • Communicate our plan with the school/ community groups/ organizations as we learn more about our specific obligations

    students working at table  students working at table

    Over an hour was spent with this group discussing and engaging in the presentation, which mainly focused on the first bullet, which was to develop a thorough understanding of Lake George School History and further defining what a Logo, Mascot, and Nickname is, and how they have been used in Lake George over the course of its history. We looked at artifacts, images, and yearbooks from the past.  The discussion was rich, and all of the students expressed learning something new.

    The next meeting is on March 6th, and based on feedback, the students will focus on understanding the NYS mandate further and the expectations for the district, as well as understanding the WHY behind the regulation, which will include studying Native American history in our region and the Native American’s perspective on being used as a mascot. 



    NYSED to schools around New York State. Students were briefed on the directive and given a short overview of the history of Lake George and the school's nicknames, mascots, and the current interlocking LG logo that has been used as far back as 1912.

    students in classroom  students in classroom

    On June 30, 2023, schools must submit a plan pertaining to logos, mascots, and nicknames for those who had prior use of Native American imagery. Lake George CSD is looking towards students to not only review these subjects, but also learn and educate others about the history of the district itself.

    A student council led advisory board made up of a variety of students from all different grades, including those from the elementary school, will be asked to confer with the larger student body as to their thoughts, feelings, and input into the direction of our logo, mascot, and nickname. The focus of this group will be to explore four areas; education, a logo, a mascot, and a school nickname.

    Over the next few months, students will engage with their student body, present to both schools and the larger community, and participate in regular meetings about these issues.