Here is the 5th Grade Supply List for the 2022-2023 School Year!

  • 5th Grade Supply List

    2021 – 2022 School Year


    2 Packages of Blue or Black Pens

    25 Pencils

    1 Small Pencil Case

    2 Marble Composition Books

    2 Packages of Post-it Notes (3’ x 3’)

    1 Package of White Loose-leaf Paper (3-hole punched)

    4 Two-pocket Folders/Portfolios

    1 Three Subject Notebook

    2 Books You Have Not Read (for independent reading)

    1 Box of Colored Pencils

    1 Box of Crayola markers (thin)

    1 Container of Glue

    Earbuds (can be purchased at the Dollar Store) 

    1 Package of  Highlighters

    1 Tissue Box (for their desk)

    1 Pair of Scissors

    1 Ruler



    •  We encourage all students to reuse any materials in good shape which they used last year.
    • Some of these supplies are consumable, and they may need to be replenished at some point this year.  
    • We are trying to limit any community supplies.