• Budget Information  

     The Lake George Central School District budget is developed specifically each year to support the mission, vision, and values of the LGCSD community. 

    The Strategic Planning Committee (SPARC) created the following Mission, Vision, and Values, which the LGCSD Board of Education adopted at its August 2017 meeting. SPARC consists of stakeholders from parents, students, staff, community members, Board of Education members, and administrators. The comprehensive eight-month process to develop the Mission, Vision, and Values was facilitated by CASDA. 
    The Lake George Central School District will personalize opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens. 

    To foster academic and personal excellence, responsibility and cultural awareness, we are dedicated to creating: 

    • An engaging and innovative learning environment for each student
    • A comprehensive K-12 instructional program using best practices
    • Student connections to extra-curricular opportunities
    • An appreciation for diversity and local traditions  
    C - Collaboration
    - Respect
    E - Excellence
    A - Accountability
    T - Trust
    E - Empathy