What is unique about LGES?

  • *LGES is a 2019-2020 NYS "RECOGNITION" school for our strong academic program that puts us among the top schools in NYS

    *LGES was recognized by FranklinCovey Educationin in 2019 as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School for our strong leadership program. Less than 10% of the 4,500 schools worldwide that implement the Leader in Me achieve Lighthouse School recognition. 

    *LGES was recognized in 2019 as a Leader in Me Academic Honor School

    In the 2018-2019 school year Lake George Elementary School celebrated 50 years at our current location at 69 Sun Valley Drive.  LGES is a unique one-story building designed with large open spaces or "clusters."   In addition to outstanding special area spaces including our library, gymnasium, “Little Theater," music, & art rooms, we have four large clusters that are divided into classrooms by moveable partitions. The “open” classrooms allow us to provide creative learning opportunities for our students.  Our four clusters are Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate I, and Intermediate II.  

    By our very structure including open classrooms and more importantly, our belief system, LGES will never be a “traditional” school.  There are no classrooms with four walls at Lake George and Teachers work on grade level teams as members of a professional learning community to meet the needs of all students.  We are very proud of our strong curriculum.  

    *Teaching teams develop a sense of community not only within their home base but within the grade level teaching team and entire level.  That means that all students at a grade level get to know all of the other teachers and students.

    *Teaching teams collaborate, discuss curriculum, & work together to meet students needs on their teams.  Teachers provide daily intervention and/or enrichment to all students! (WIN time). 

     *We have greater ability for flexible grouping of students and continuous progress opportunities since we work as teams.  This sharing of students occurs daily, especially for daily intervention and/or enrichment.

    *We can provide focused support in reading, academic intervention services, special education services, and enrichment in one location since the support comes to the team.  A co-teaching model is used to provide reading and special education support.

    * We are proud of our special education program in which we utilize the integrated co-teaching model where a regular and special education teacher work together throughout the day meeting the needs of all students in their classroom.

    *We have a 1:1 computing environment with iPads at grades K-4 and laptops at grades 5 & 6.

    *All students in grades K-6 have STEM experiences throughout the school year including robotics, engineering, and coding. 

    *Our library media center is second to none!  Please come visit. 

    *We have maintained our buddy reader program with older students making connections with younger students.

     *Monthly celebrations involve all of the students at one level with a focus on our character education program and leadership.

    *LGES has an outstanding program in the "specials" -Art, music (instrumental/vocal), Physical Education, Foreign Language (grades 3-6), High Potential (enrichment) 1st/2nd & other levels

    *We have an extensive after school program that involves students in Art, Music, athletics, enrichment including STEM experiences.

    *Students love the fact that the building is carpeted and air conditioned.  

    *We have an outstanding PTSO! Please visit their website and join us for monthly meetings.


    Character Education at LGES:

    At Lake George Elementary School, we follow the "Golden" Rule and we're a Leader in Me Lighthouse school.  All students and staff believe that treating others the way that we want to be treated leads to a respectful learning environment and a positive school climate.  At the start of every school year assemblies are held for each level to review this belief and expectation for our school.  Monthly Assemblies during the school year are held at each level and students are recognized for their positive character in front of their peers at these assemblies.  Every day, our teachers involve students in leadership experiences that help to foster positive character.