Tips to Prevent Ticks

  • Throughout the year many of us head outside to enjoy are beautiful surroundings.  That being said I thought I would put out a brief reminder that among all this beauty are ticks.  By being aware and taking preventive measures it may reduce the possibility of infection from ticks.

    Tips to prevent ticks:
    • Make a habit of thoroughly checking yourself and others for the ticks after outdoor activities
    • Wear light colored clothing to spot ticks more easily
    • When playing in wooded areas, wear long sleeved shirts and tuck pant legs into socks
    • Stay on cleared, well-worn trails
    • Conduct a full body check of yourself and your children before going to bed.  Make sure to check scalp, behind the head and neck, ears, and behind knees.
    • If you find a tick, it should be removed with tweezers.  Release the tick into a zip bag in case you want it identified later on.  Wash your hands and the site of the bite with soap and water. Swab bite with alcohol.
    • Seek medical care if: the tick might have been on the skin for more than 24 hours, part of the tick remains in the skin after attempted removal, a rash of any kind develops, the bite looks infected or if you have any symptoms of illness
    • Use repellent when outside to help with prevention