PSAT resources

  • Taking the PSAT:

    The PSAT is designed as a test for high school juniors.  Lake George High School administers the PSAT each October on the Tuesday test date established by The College Board.  Juniors are encouraged to take the test if they plan to apply to 2 or 4 year colleges in their senior year.  Sophomores and younger students may also sit for the test; 10th graders (or younger students) interested in taking the PSAT should discuss their interest with their school counselor.

    The PSAT serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT).  For this reason, you will often see the PSAT identified as the PSAT/NMSQT.  Learn more about the National Merit Scholarship Program here.

    More PSAT information (CollegeBoard)

    After you've taken the PSAT:

    As a PSAT test-taker, you now have access to College Board's MY COLLEGE QUICKSTART.  This personalized resource will help you prepare for the SAT by highlighting your strong and weak skill areas, making it easy to review incorrect and omitted answers, and presenting a personalized study plan for you to follow.

    PSAT Score Report Plus video tutorial

    MY COLLEGE QUICKSTART account set-up/login screen

    PSAT Online Score Report demo (sample student data)

    Tips on preparing for the SAT:

    • Correct your PSAT using Quickstart.  Learn from your mistakes.
    • Understand your weak skill areas as identified in "Your Skills" section of the online score report.
    • Sign up for and answer the SAT Question of the Day ('low-dosage prep")
    • Get familiar with the content and format of the SAT by taking practice tests and using the "My SAT Study Plan" section of Quickstart.
    • Read, Read, Read. (expose yourself to good sentence structure, grammar, etc)

    SAT scores are a tool you can use to CREATE opportunities for yourself (e.g. college admissions, merit scholarships).  Improving your scores can be accomplished, but it takes time and effort...therefore, a plan.

    As you consider your college entrance testing plan, don't forget to learn about the ACT (the OTHER college entrance test).  The ACT may be a better entrance test for you given your academic and test-taking profile.  Many juniors take both the SAT and ACT.

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