Superintendent's Office

Welcome to the Lake George Central School District, a community of caring professionals, a thoughtful Board of Education, outstanding students and engaged parents.  Our vision is to foster academic and personal excellence, responsibility and cultural awareness, we are dedicated to creating: 

  • An engaging and innovative learning environment for each student
  • A comprehensive K-12 instructional program using best practices
  • Student connections to extra-curricular opportunities
  • An appreciation for diversity and local traditions  

The quality education that students receive is a result of putting our students first. Counselors, teachers, administrators and staff frequently sacrifice personal time to work with students long after the school day ends. In this nurturing atmosphere, the students grow successful and confident in the ways that serve them throughout their lives.

The Lake George educational journey begins at the Elementary school with our unique open classroom structure and collaborative cross-grade level teams that devise challenging, creative and nurturing learning experiences. Student growth continues at the Jr.-Sr. High School where learning is organized to promote the greatest potential of each student. Classes included advanced placement, technology, Career Technical Education, art, music and business as well as a multitude of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

Under the leadership of our Board of Education and Administrative team and with parental engagement we are personalizing opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens. 

Superintendent Goals

  • Superintendent Goals 2020-21



    The Overarching goal: 

     The LGCSD CSO strives to create unity through purposeful practice of our C.R.E.A.T.E Values to support the LGCSD Stakeholders in a shared purpose around optimizing student success and belonging 


    Working together to support and understand each other allows stakeholders to share and consider diverse perspectives, respect knowledge, tradition, innovation and divergent thinking; all of which serve to model and promote understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders resulting in trust and confidence with a shared mission, vision and values... 

    Working collaboratively promotes empathy, understanding and accountability resulting in respectful and healthy relationships. Healthy relationships leads to better team performance and overall productivity which contributes to a positive environment in the work we do to serve our students… 

    1.  Learning Environment:

    1. During a Global Pandemic, ensure: 
      1. Provide Leadership, collaboration, communication, safety, support
        Collaboration and communication around mandates, SEL and instruction for all stakeholders to include Reopening plans, shifts in instructions; plans (Hybrid, pivot to Remote and/or brief covid pivot).


    2.  Mission/Vision: LGCSD Strategic Planning: Planning for our future in uncertain times

    1. Provide leadership, support, collaboration and communication for the continuation of the next phase of the Strategic plan to include a minimum of 3 SPARC Meetings and 2 BoE updates as well as a proposal for action steps moving to the next phase of the LG Strategic Plan. 


    3.  Systems, Resources and Fiscal management: 

    1. Provide leadership through partnership, collaboration and review of items and systems that will support fiscal sustainability and align with the LG MVV and Goals to include but not limited to: 
      1. Create a budget that is responsible and responsive to pandemic needs
      2. Review and refine Human Resource Procedures and supports to include a minimum of one hiring process for a bargaining unit.
      3. Investigate opportunities to support responsible fiscal management such as: 
        1. attrition planning
        2.  incentives and other best practices and more...
Superintendent Lynne Rutnik
  • Lynne Rutnik

    Superintendent of Schools

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