• February 16, 2022

    Dear Lake George Families, 

    Like all schools in New York State, Lake George Central School District is waiting for a decision on the face mask mandate. Last week, Governor Hochul gave us a glimmer of hope that if the pandemic trends continue in a positive direction through February vacation and after, "a change in masking [in schools] is under consideration." 

    We want to make families aware that should the mask mandate be lifted, face masks will be optional at the Lake George schools. However, face masks will still be required on school buses in accordance with federal mandates and when returning from a shortened quarantine.

    We want to share this information with you now so that you and your family can be prepared should the Governor lift masking requirements in schools. Our school district respects each family’s decision regarding whether or not their children wear a mask. We ask for your assistance in helping children understand that not every family or individual will come to the same conclusion about mask wearing. Those who choose to continue to wear a mask will have this right respected. With kindness and compassion, we will continue to help each other through yet another transition, of many, that schools and communities have faced during this pandemic. 

    Please be sure that we have no more information than what has been reported regarding the Governor’s position on wearing face masks in schools. Currently, and until the Governor makes a change, mask wearing is required in all schools in New York State. 

    As a reminder, the district has a supply of free COVID test kits for your use at home to help identify positive COVID cases as soon as possible. Please stop by the greeter’s desk at either school any time the school is open. Additionally, the district will continue to provide free face masks for each student who desires to wear one. 

    Thank you for your ongoing patience and support. If there are any new developments, we will communicate with you as soon as possible.


    Doug signature

    Douglas W. Huntley, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools (Interim)

    Lake George Central School District

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